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Hunter & Chase Come Pass A Tough Test With Flying Colours

12 August 2014

Hunter & Chase were appointed by E-Skills, which is part of the UK Government’s Sector Skills Council for Business and Information Technology, and also incorporates the National Skills Academy for IT.


E-Skills instructed Hunter & Chase to conduct a search, which was a challenging search as e-skills looked to headhunt a unique individual for a unique position. The challenge was to find someone for a permanent role with the correct balance of Academic, Commercial and Strategic management experience whilst certain geographical and salary restrictions also applied.


Hunter & Chase set in motion its sophisticated and meticulous - yet flexible - tailored process to comfortably produce the right calibre and type of candidates, in fact more than one that e-skills could hire for the position hence two candidates had an offer made whilst a third was selected for another role. The reference states e-skills found Hunter & Chase to be professional, reliable, flexible and incredibly resourceful.


About Hunter & Chase

Hunter & Chase is an international search and headhunting firm. We support organisations of all sizes from small businesses to large multinationals - around the world. We focus on all types of positions within our sector practices, especially management and hard to fill positions.
Our professional and confidential processes are tailored to each client’s specific business requirements, culture, talent needs and challenges.
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