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Life Sciences and Healthcare Executive Search

The healthcare & life sciences industry is facing global challenges, such as rising costs, evolving technologies and the unsustainable economics of product development and healthcare delivery. Healthcare executives and managers must be able to respond to such challenges with commercial understanding, financial astuteness and the strong leadership skills required to drive success in a fast-moving and increasingly convoluted environment.

Hunter & Chase Life Science Executive Recruitment practice has the ability to identify board members, senior executives and middle managers who are able to lead and drive change within your organisation, while maintaining continuity as required. Our specialist life science and healthcare headhunters achieve this by conducting in-depth cultural assessment and culture fit analyses, ensuring an exact match for your unique working philosophy and environment. By utilising multilingual capabilities in healthcare executive recruitment, Hunter & Chase Life Sciences Search practice is able to successfully conduct both local and international executive recruitment activities for clients ranging from small organisations, to some of the largest and most reputable companies in the world.

The strong reputation held by Hunter & Chase Life Science Executive Search and Recruitment practice is forged through cross-industry, educational and sector experience; as well as the utilisation of rigorous yet flexible executive search methodologies. Although our network is global, we also have country-specific expertise, enabling our Healthcare Search and Selection practice to apply sophisticated executive headhunting solutions to every assignment.

Hunter & Chase Life Sciences Executive Search practice covers a broad spectrum of areas, such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical research and medical technology industries. Our breadth of experience in Life Science Search and Recruitment includes positions, in such areas as;

• Board and CEOs
• General Management
• R&D
• Production
• Marketing
• Sales and Business Development
• Clinical Development/ Clinical Operations
• Field Service Engineers
• Drug Safety,
• Medical Affairs and Regulatory Affairs
• Health Economics and QA/QC
• Project Management
• Sales/Business Development, and Business Support

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