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Industrial Search and Headhunting

The industrial sector is continuously evolving to stay ahead of challenges and worldwide demands such as off-shoring, cross border challenges, rapidly emerging markets and globally diverse supply chains. Leading companies have begun to recognise that the quality of their executive industrial leaders and middle management talent will make a real competitive difference in this global complex market.

Companies need innovative executive industrial leaders who possess the strategic, operating, and financial skills, as well as commercial instinct, required to compete and succeed in this intricate environment. It is these demands that have resulted in an increasing need for good quality search and selection, such as the Industrial Executive Recruitment practice at Hunter & Chase, to secure the right leaders and managers.

Our Industrial Search and Selection practice combines unparalleled industrial executive recruitment resources with a deeply consultative approach. Working closely with the client, our industrial headhunters develop the ideal candidate profile against their unique competitive challenges, business objectives, and leadership culture. Hunter & Chase Industrial Executive Recruitment activities, covers a range of industrial areas:

  • Aviation Executive Search
    Hunter & Chase Aviation Executive Search activities span across many areas of Aerospace, Commercial Aviation and Airlines Executive Recruitment, as well as within Airports and hubs. Hunter & Chase Aviation Executive Search practice understand the global nature of Aviation, along with how critical local understanding is to be able to be a successful leader in this sector. Please Click Here to enquire about our Aviation Search and Headhunting services.

  • Automobile Executive Search
    The Automobile industry has endured challenging times of late. As global economies recover, the industry faces challenges of consolidation, globalisation and environmental sustainability. Hunter & Chase Automobile Executive Search practice is dedicated to sourcing exceptional leaders who are able to recognise the opportunities amongst these challenges. Please Click Here to enquire about our Automobile Search and Headhunting services.

  • Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Executive Search
    As an industry that accounts for over 10% of the world’s GDP, Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Executive Search is a key business area for Hunter & Chase. Our headhunters have a thorough knowledge of the marketplace and how to operate within it. This tested approach enables the Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Executive Search practice to successfully source the most in-demand candidates, from middle management professionals, through to Board, CEO’s and C-Suite industrial executives. Please Click Here to enquire about our Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Search and Headhunting services.

  • Raw Materials Executive Search
    Hunter & Chase Raw Materials Executive Search (or Basic Industries Executive Search) includes areas such as agriculture, paper (and packaging), mining and metals. Each area demands professionals who understand the evolution and consolidation of the industry, as well as the geopolitical, globalised and environmentally sensitive challenges. Please Click Here to enquire about our Raw Materials Search and Headhunting services.

  • Chemical and Process Executive Search
    Headhunting for chemical and process companies requires a unique understanding of this niche market, along with an ability to relate to the basic industry challenges such as managing escalating raw material costs and outsourcing activities. Executive Search for Chemical and Process talent requires headhunters to inter-relate and cross pollinate between such industries; the Hunter & Chase Chemical and Process Executive Search practice is focused on elements such as this when its headhunters are evaluating candidates. Please Click Here to enquire about our Chemical and Process Search and Headhunting services.

  • Transport & Logistics Executive Search
    Executive Search in Transport and Logistics requires a fundamental understanding that leaders must be able to adopt new technologies and innovations, improve processes and integrate new with the tried and tested. Hunter & Chase Transport & Logistics Executive Search is focused on finding talent that has the capacity to evolve with the industry, overcome challenges and seize new opportunities. Please Click Here to enquire about our Transport & Logistics Search and Headhunting services.

  • Industrial Machinery Executive Search
    When it comes to Executive Search in industrial machinery, electrical equipment and industrial services, it is very easy to overlook the need for innovative and pragmatic leaders. Given the nature of this field and its fundamental activities, many companies in these industrial sectors recognise the need for high quality talent to move companies forward and help them adapt to new challenges. The Hunter & Chase Industrial Machinery Executive Search practice has the capability and consultative approach required to address these challenges. Please Click Here to enquire about our Industrial Machinery Search and Headhunting services.

If you require any information on the tailored Industrial Search and Selection services we offer, please Contact Us directly, or Click Here to Submit an Enquiry.