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CEO and Board Services

Appointing a new CEO or board member is one of the most critical board decisions a business can make. Hunter & Chase CEO and Board Search practice is committed to executing high-level executive search assignments, as well as providing consultancy to CEOs and Board members on the most complex of issues impacting their decisions. Our CEO and Board Services clients rely on us to provide them with unrivalled executive search services, helping them make vital decisions that are essential to the success of their businesses. Whether it’s CEO succession planning, executive compensation, board assessment or policy and practice reviews, Hunter & Chase provides a robust CEO and Board headhunting service, positioning us as the executive search partner of choice for so many around the world.

In today’s world, the role of CEO is becoming increasingly scrutinised by the public and regulators. It is these growing expectations that focus Hunter & Chase CEO & Board practice on conducting detailed analysis during the assessment of corporate, executive and cultural competences of the CEO. In addition, our CEO and Board search practice always take into consideration the political ramifications, impact on corporate governance, and public/shareholder perception of any CEO executive search assignment.

Supported by an extensive network developed over decades of continuous relationship building and nurturing, Hunter & Chase CEO and Board Search practice extends beyond the usual pool of names to find executives who are in the highest demand, or even untapped talent.

Hunter & Chase CEO & Board of Directors Practice utilises our most accomplished search and leadership consulting, understanding the ever-transforming and evolving nature of leadership, to provide clients with the highest standard of service. This expertise, combined with key research capabilities and intellectual capital, enables Hunter & Chase to provide fast, reliable and global coverage to our clients.

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