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Advisory Services

Hunter & Chase provide consulting and advisory services in a number of areas, driven by decades of experience and intelligence gathering. In addition to our core independent consulting services, Hunter & Chase Advisory practice utilise an array of sources including independent industry reviews and industry feedback, internal client reviews and private as well as individual board member reviews. This in-depth intelligence fuels our range of advisory services such as;

•  Salary package reviews and alignment
•  Final candidate selection
•  Board reviews
•  Talent management and reviews
•  Succession planning and executive development
•  CEO interim and transition
•  Strategic shifts or reorganisation

When hiring, promoting or developing senior executives, avoiding costly mistakes has never been more important. For too often, companies make these tough decisions based on inadequate, incomplete and undependable information. Hunter & Chase executive assessment services give businesses the reliable insights they need to confidently and intelligently select the best talent for key roles. Our consulting and advisory services are further complemented by objective research-backed methodologies to enhance the more traditional executive assessment.

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