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Financial Services

The Financial Services industry has been, and is, going through some of the biggest changes in recent history, with convergence and consolidation coupled with geographically diversified growth through globalisation, and base location rethinks. Our global financial services practice continually refines its approach and adapts to offer more relevant, high calibre financial services search and recruitment services in a changing and complex environment.

We can draw on our experience of the industry to better understand the needs of our clients and contribute to the early selection of high calibre candidates. This means we are able to directly benefit you with peace of mind that you are dealing with professionals who know and understand your business and industry, further who have their fingers on the pulse of the financial services sector, as well as, access to both the passive and active talent pools through our network of high calibre candidates. Further, our expertise in identifying, assessing and selecting the right people ensures a genuinely successful appointment for our clients, with minimised risk.

Hunter & Chase Search & Recruitment services in this practice cover Banking Recruitment (Investment and Retail), Compliance Search & Recruitment, Audit Search and Recruitment, Accounting Search and Recruitment, Asset Management Search and Recruitment, and now, Islamic Finance Search and Recruitment

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