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Sports Executive Search

Sports remains in the hearts of billions of fans worldwide, as a major source of influence, entertainment and leisure. Sporting organisations now require and proactively seek world class executive sports professionals to help capitalise on and maximise these global opportunities.

A good Executive Search and Selection practice in Sport can provide amongst the best return on investment of any sector. To help sports organisations maximise their return, Hunter & Chase constantly strive to
keep its Sports Executive Recruitment division performing at the highest level for every assignment.

The Hunter & Chase Sports Executive Search team understand just how critical talented people are to providing sporting organisations a competitive advantage. As the business of sport undergoes unprecedented changes, the right talent and right leadership are more critical than ever for meeting new challenges throughout the sport ecosystem, including:

  • Finding the right talent to match the strategic business objectives
  • Appointing leaders with superior management skills
  • Retaining outstanding performers

Hunter & Chase Sports Executive Search and Headhunting is gaining increased recognition in various sporting circles, with its ability to utilise its decades of Executive Recruitment experience from other industries, while understanding the unique challenges faced in the world of sport.

Hunter & Chase appreciates that as important as skilful players are, so too are the talented management and executives running the clubs, organisations and institutions. It is this recognition that has resulted in Hunter & Chase Sports Executive Search hiring expert headhunters, who are extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in the integrated world of sport and business.

Hunter & Chase Sporting Executive Search practice helps advise, consult and headhunt perspective talent across all stages of the hiring lifecycle; from acquisition, development and retention, through to succession planning and transitioning.

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