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Investment Authorities and Private Equity Search and Headhunting

Private equity is arguably the most dynamic global business phenomenon of recent times. Accounting for up to 20% of the national employed workforce, the industry contributes significantly to the GDP of both domestic and international markets.

Hunter & Chase Private Equity Executive Search practice understands the parallels between investing in business and investing in people. Attracting the right talent through a Private Equity Executive Recruitment process, while supporting investment clients with talent, is vital to the success of sourcing quality executive private equity leaders.

Hunter & Chase Private Equity Search and Selection operates with the discretion and tact required to headhunt the most in-demand private equity executives in the market; from Portfolio Directors and Financial Controllers through to CEO’s and Associate Directors.

The industry endures intense scrutiny and pressures from many quarters, resulting in firms no longer being able rely solely on the sophisticated financial engineering previously typical of the sector. There is an acute demand for high performing private equity executives to deliver genuine value and lead the way in increased operational performance.

Our Investment Authorities and Private Equity clients have portfolios in various industries where they require leadership change or just injection of new talent, from board and executive management personnel to corporate officers and middle managers.

Hunter & Chase Executive Search with Private Equity, Venture Capital or Investment Authority clients including the following services;

  • Talent acquisition with due diligence of potential human capital
  • Providing deep intelligence on people, companies and markets through an extensive network of industry contacts
  • Fast identification, evaluation and executive recruitment of transformative leaders who can effectively address the needs of the business
  • Evaluating portfolio company leadership teams and the desired organisational culture, identifying areas of potential conflict, change or reinforcement
  • Assembling and reinforcing quality advisory boards which can provide the portfolio company leadership with an additional source of guidance and    contacts


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