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Education and Nonprofit Sectors Executive Search

One of the challenges in Public Sector and Government Executive Search, or any non-profit led executive search is finding talented leaders who add value within an environment experiencing increasing pressure to improve efficiency.

The Hunter & Chase Public Sector Search positioning with cross-pollination enables our headhunters to utilise private sector executive search experience to strengthen their Public Sector Executive Search delivery. We have a reputation in successfully headhunting middle and senior level non-profit/ public sector executives; be they in education, government, non-profit, social enterprise or other public sector domains.

Hunter & Chase Public Sector Executive research capabilities, along with our extensive network of contacts, give us a broad insight into leadership and management talent requirements across the public and non-profit sectors. The firm’s longstanding reputation for excellence, coupled with innovative headhunting techniques, allows us to bring the most sought-after talent to the table.

The practice areas are broken down as follows.

Education Executive Search
Education Executive Recruitment covers a broad area of activity and position grades from senior board level to junior teaching and administrative management. Using a team approach, our education recruitment activities combine expertise and understanding of each institution, with knowledge and access to qualified and impactful executive education candidates. Please Click Here for further information on our Education Search and Selection Practice.

Public Sector Executive Search
Our Public Sector Search practice is an excellent provider of executive recruitment services and associated advice, particularly in tough times, up to the most senior and influential levels; from Chief Executive, Director and Function Head level, down to junior management and interim positions. Hunter & Chase Public Sector Executive Search practice has a collaborative culture that enables our associates to work across functions, industry sectors and geographic borders to provide robust search and selection services for our clients. Our headhunters have a thorough understanding of the market; either through direct work history within the public sector or from public sector management consultancy experience, giving Hunter & Chase a profound insight when conducting public sector executive search and selection. Please Click Here to enquire about our Public Sector Search and Headhunting activities.

Non-profit Executive Search
Non-profit executive leaders occupy an increasingly critical role in society. As a sector that is experiencing significant changes, such as cuts to statutory funding and policy shifts, it is seeing an increasing demand for new ways of working. The organisations that will stand out will be those that value innovation and leadership. Non-profit Executive leaders and managers must be able to operate within a sensitive environment, often while under intense scrutiny. Hunter & Chase Non-profit Search and Selection focuses on assessing against such criteria, while working with integrity and transparency at the core of the search process. Please Click Here to enquire about our Nonprofit Search and Headhunting activities.

Social Enterprise, NGOs and Cultural Institution Search
Social Enterprise, NGOs and Cultural Institutions need executive leaders who can rise to global challenges such as altered economic climate, political issues; and the heightened need for risk management in their investment and operational strategies. Hunter & Chase NGO Headhunters are focused on finding the right social enterprise executives, functional experts and cross over candidates who can succeed in such challenging and complexly networked organisations. Please Click Here to enquire about our Social Enterprise, NGOs and Cultural Institution Search and Headhunting activities.

If you require further information on any one of the above Search and Selection services we offer, please Contact Us directly, or Click Here to Submit an Enquiry.