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Hunter & Chase Interim Management

The interim management division is part of Hunter & Chase Executive Search and works closely together with other parts of the business, often within the same markets, adhering to the same rigorous standards, processes and resource channels.

Interim management has transformed over the last decade. More elite candidates are available now who consider interim management as a viable option. Further with more candidate competition many have narrowed their skills and experiences into niche areas. This provides employers with a more mature and flexible short term resourcing solutions with long lasting benefits.

Interim executives are highly experienced, versatile and adaptable. Hunter & Chase has access to many of these interim candidates and their networks from around the world. Interim Executives are usually highly experienced in line management, able to adapt rapidly to new cultures and operational processes and they have to be results driven with a dedication to leading change and making a difference. Interim Managers have made a commitment to act as independent directors which means their independence allows them to provide objective and dispassionate advice to our clients. Interim Managers do not seek permanent positions and thrive on the challenge and variety of working across clients and sectors. They are set up to operate through their own limited companies and have professional indemnity insurance.

Therefore over recent years it has become an established executive resource strategy for many enterprises and organisations. Indeed Hunter & Chase Interim Management has witnessed rapid growth in Interim Resources requirements both in the private and public sector. This is because many businesses and organisations now view interim management as a cost-effective and positive way to obtain highly specialised and valuable leadership skills at a time they are needed most. These skills can have an instrumental effect on a company's sustainability, growth and survival. Some scenarios where an Interim Management solution may be required include:

  • Covering the sudden departure of key people where skills need to be replaced quickly
  • Turnaround scenarios requiring experienced, senior management input
  • Crisis Management
  • Implementation of change programmes
  • New Business Development, Mergers/Acquisitions or Restructuring
  • Filling management skill gaps within the organisation
  • Long term sick or maternity leave
  • Plugging a gap i.e. a candidate hired however has long notice period

Types of Interim Positions

Interim solutions should not be considered only as a senior management option, interim resource solutions can work for most positions. Below are typical examples of interim solutions. Hunter & Chase supply executive interim managers with a proven record into positions at all executive and management levels, examples include:

 Interim Chairman
 Interim Chief Executives
 Interim Chief Financial Officers
 Interim Chief Operating Officer
 Interim Advisor
 Interim Supply Chain Directors
 Interim Procurement Directors
 Interim Managing Directors
 Interim Human Resources Directors
 Interim Sales and Marketing Director
 Interim General Manager
 Interim Finance Directors
 Interim IT Directors
 Interim Operations Directors and Managers
 Interim Change Directors
 Interim Commercial Directors
 Interim Project/Programme Directors and Managers
 Interim Chief Engineers and Manufacturing Directors
 Interim Compliance/Risk Directors
 Interim Managers of all above mentioned
 And Many Others 

Hunter & Chase has a reputation for delivering good quality be it our Executive Search process or our Interim Management. Our approach is consultative, knowledgeable and collaborative, which we achieve through empathy and understanding of our clients and their businesses. Our goal is to match the best, most experienced interim managers with our clients' immediate needs quickly and effectively.

If you require any information on the tailored interim management solutions we offer, please Contact Us directly, or Click Here to Submit an Enquiry.